Hello Chappos!

Thanks for coming in! I got some tasty links above for you if you’re interested in doing business. Read down if you are interested in me, a little back story, and some fun fancts about my personal life and processes.

Hi I’m Steven. First chap and illustrator at The SketchNook.

I like Prequel memes and miss good local multiplayer games. I play table top games, DND and a lot of JRPGS.

I love reading. Rather fond of Lovecraft and the Yog Sothothery, which is just a Douchey way to say Cthulu Mythos. If you mix that with some Douglas Adams and you might get where I’m coming from ( Humanity is futile… but lets have a good time with it).

I’m located in a tip top little village somewhere between Yorkshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire in the North of England, UK.

I’ve been creative for most of my life and studied for a degree in Illustration and Advertising many many years ago. I started The SketchNook on 02 Feb 2018 after I decided I wanted to create art to entertain, rather than advertise or sell a product.


I like to laugh a lot.

So I started jotting down silly conversations I had or observations I made and then made them into something visual on social media.

I called my first drawings like this ball men, because I didn’t want to draw stick men and I didn’t know what I could actually draw. I really rebuilt myself from the ground up and I had a lot of fun doing it.


Over the space of the year, I rebuilt how I drew from reference and imagination. After a few successful tests at conventions and markets in 2018, I have now got a most of a 2019 cycle booked and an online inventory with a commission list and wholesale catalogue close to completion. I want to make this year even more about community so I’ll be looking forward to meeting up with some art folks!

I now also sell my designs in independent stores such as Handmade Nottingham (can you guess where that is)  and online through Etsy.

IMG_5320 (1).JPG

Fun Facts:

Yes, everything I draw has Thicc human legs.

No… I Don’t know why.

I can draw left and right handed.

I’m trained as a classical painter. I first went digital because buying a Wacom was cheaper than a batch of paints.

But I’ve only done a handful of digital portraits (circa Feb 2019)

I always mirror my images (flip them vertically) digitally to finish them off. So technically I draw everything backwards.

I have 4 cats: Moose, Ginny, Figgs and Luna

One of my closest friends Joe is the actually my main inspiration for my tiger. He is full of wonder and rather inspiring. If you don’t know Joe… you missing out ^_^


Please feel free to get in touch even if its just to chat about illustration. Its a little bit of a lonely world drawing at your desk all the time. I get that.